Peer Watch

Into the Minds of China’s Military AI Experts

Foreign Policy
| July 18, 2024

In his Foreign Policy op-ed, Sam Bresnick discusses the significance of the first U.S.-China dialogue on AI military risks.

In their op-ed featured in Fortune, Dewey Murdick and Owen J. Daniels provide their expert analysis on the Chevron Doctrine Supreme Court decision and its implications for artificial intelligence (AI) governance.

Enabling Principles for AI Governance

Owen Daniels Dewey Murdick
| July 2024

How to govern artificial intelligence is a concern that is rightfully top of mind for lawmakers and policymakers.To govern AI effectively, regulators must 1) know the terrain of AI risk and harm by tracking incidents and collecting data; 2) develop their own AI literacy and build better public understanding of the benefits and risks; and 3) preserve adaptability and agility by developing policies that can be updated as AI evolves.

China’s Military AI Roadblocks

Sam Bresnick
| June 2024

China’s leadership believes that artificial intelligence will play a central role in future wars. However, the author's comprehensive review of dozens of Chinese-language journal articles about AI and warfare reveals that Chinese defense experts claim that Beijing is facing several technological challenges that may hinder its ability to capitalize on the advantages provided by military AI. This report outlines these perceived barriers and identifies several technologies that Chinese experts believe may help the country develop and deploy military AI-enabled systems.

China has become a scientific superpower

The Economist
| June 12, 2024

In an article published by The Economist that discusses the rapid growth and achievements of Chinese scientific research, CSET ETO Analytic Lead, Zachary Arnold, provided his expert insights.

Are U.S.-China Talks Accomplishing Anything?

Foreign Policy
| May 24, 2024

In an article published by Foreign Policy that discusses the recent bilateral meetings between China and the United States, CSET Director of Strategy and Foundational Research Grants, Helen Toner, provided her expert insights.

Putin and Xi plot sanction resistance

| May 16, 2024

In the China Watcher newsletter published by Politico, Sam Bresnick offered expert insights into the challenges facing U.S.-China cooperation on artificial intelligence.

In an article published by The Associated Press that discusses an upcoming meeting between high-level representatives from the United States and China in Geneva to discuss artificial intelligence, Sam Bresnick provided his expert insights.

U.S. Big Tech in China: Too Big to Bail

The Wire China
| May 6, 2024

In their op-ed featured in The Wire China, CSET's Ngor Luong, Sam Bresnick, and Kathleen Curlee provide their expert analysis on the changing landscape for U.S. big tech companies in China.

Gao Huajian and the China Talent Returnee Question

William Hannas Huey-Meei Chang Daniel Chou
| May 2024

The celebrated return to China of its overseas scientists, as evidenced in the recent case of physicist Gao Huajian, is typically cited as a loss to the United States. This report argues a contrarian view that the benefits equation is far more complicated. PRC programs that channel diaspora achievements “back” to China and the inclination of many scientists to work in familiar venues blur the distinction between returning to China and staying in place.