Now that the first set of milestones has passed for the Biden administration’s October 2023 executive order on artificial intelligence, where do things stand for biotech? This blog post gives an overview of the most recent action items, with a recap of expert commentary from CSET’s June 2024 Webinar on the AIxBio Policy Landscape.

On June 6, CSET hosted experts to discuss where AIxBio policymakers go next after the 180-day mark following the Biden AI Executive Order.

China and Medical AI

Caroline Schuerger Vikram Venkatram Katherine Quinn
| May 2024

Medical artificial intelligence, which depends on large repositories of biological data, can improve public health and contribute to the growing global bioeconomy. Countries that strategically prioritize medical AI could benefit from a competitive advantage and set global norms. This report examines China’s stated goals for medical AI, finding that the country’s strategy for biodata collection and medical AI development positions it to be an economic and technological leader in this sector.

In an article published by Axios that discusses how AI-driven "biosurveillance" could be instrumental in detecting future pandemics or biological attacks, CSET's Steph Batalis provided her expert insights.

China, Biotechnology, and BGI

Anna Puglisi Chryssa Rask
| May 2024

As the U.S. government considers banning genomics companies from China, it opens a broader question about how the United States and other market economies should deal with China’s “national champions.” This paper provides an overview of one such company—BGI—and how China’s industrial policy impacts technology development in China and around the world.

In an article published by WIRED exploring China's advancement in BCI technology, CSET's William Hannas offered his expert insight.

In an article by the Associated Press that discusses the increasing concern among U.S. lawmakers regarding the nation's competitive stance against China in the biotechnology sector, CSET's Anna Puglisi provided her expert insights.

China’s Hybrid Economy: What to Do about BGI?

Anna Puglisi
| February 2, 2024

As the U.S. government considers banning genomics companies from China in the Biosecure Act, it opens a broader question of how the U.S. and other market economies should deal with China’s national champions. This blog post provides an overview of BGI and how China’s industrial policy impacts technology development.

CSET’s Must Read Research: A Primer

Tessa Baker
| December 18, 2023

This guide provides a run-down of CSET’s research since 2019 for first-time visitors and long-term fans alike. Quickly get up to speed on our “must-read” research and learn about how we organize our work.

AI and Biorisk: An Explainer

Steph Batalis
| December 2023

Recent government directives, international conferences, and media headlines reflect growing concern that artificial intelligence could exacerbate biological threats. When it comes to biorisk, AI tools are cited as enablers that lower information barriers, enhance novel biothreat design, or otherwise increase a malicious actor’s capabilities. In this explainer, CSET Biorisk Research Fellow Steph Batalis summarizes the state of the biorisk landscape with and without AI.