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Read our original translation of China's 14th Five-Year Plan, which was passed by the National People's Congress in March, 2021, and covers the years 2021-2025.

The adoption of artificial intelligence will transform the global economy and international politics. Andrew Imbrie explores the different ways AI may develop in the future and how governance structures will need to adapt accordingly.

See our translation of a CPC Central Committee and PRC State Council strategy for education reform issued in July 2010. The strategy doesn’t mention emerging technologies explicitly, but does address international educational exchange and cultivation of world-class talent, which has implications for emerging technology.

See our translation of a tech transfer plan, which briefly addresses China's system for acquiring foreign technology, but the bulk of the document deals with transfers of technology within China, such as finding practical, commercially viable applications of new discoveries and putting technological advancements to work in rural areas and economically disadvantaged regions.

See our translation of a Ministry of Education plan issued in April 2018. The plan lays out objectives designed to significantly enhance China’s cadre of AI talent and its university AI curricula by 2030.

See our translation of one of the most detailed local government plans for “military-civil fusion.” It provides insight into local efforts to steer the development of emerging technologies in directions that fulfill PLA requirements.

CSET submitted the following comment in response to the National Institute for Standards and Technology Plan for Federal Engagement in AI Standards Development.

CSET submitted this comment in response to a U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute for Standards and Technology request for information in drafting proposed standards for the development of AI technologies.