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U.S. Still Playing Catch Up in Information Operations

National Defense Magazine
| February 11, 2022

According to a CSET report, disinformation campaigns are challenging the future of a U.S. information operations strategy.

In conjunction with the Biden administration's executive order ensuring U.S. investments aren't supporting Chinese companies that undermine U.S. security and values, CSET's Emily Weinstein expresses concern over U.S. companies selling software and hardware to China.

CSET is classified as a futurist for its research focus on the role of technology influencing the future of national security. 

The adoption of artificial intelligence will transform the global economy and international politics. Andrew Imbrie explores the different ways AI may develop in the future and how governance structures will need to adapt accordingly.

See our translation of the PRC government’s five-year (2016-2020) industrial development strategy for emerging technology.

Thoughts on Russia’s AI Strategy

Margarita Konaev
| October 30, 2019

On October 10th, 2019, Russia released its national artificial intelligence strategy. Margarita Konaev analyzed the strategy in the context of Moscow's larger strategic vision.

Translation of Russia’s national strategy for the development of AI, released in October 2019. It sets a number of short- (to be completed by 2024) and medium-term (2030) qualitative goals designed to build Russia into a leading AI power.

China’s technology transfer programs are broad, deeply rooted and calculated to support the country’s development of artificial intelligence, providing China early insight and access to foreign technical innovations.

“AI and other emerging technologies will deliver profound benefits to society, but they will also introduce new risks,” said CSET’s founding director, Jason Matheny. “Technologists don’t always consider the details of policy, and policymakers don’t always consider the details of technology.”