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See our translation of biographical profiles of each member of China's New Generation AI Strategic Advisory Committee, as well as government and media reporting on the committee.

See our translation of guidelines issued by the PRC Ministry of Science and Technology in August 2019, describes a process by which Chinese cities can apply to establish "national new generation AI innovation and development pilot zones."

See our translation of the Ministry of Science and Technology describes a plan to entice foreign scientists, professors and entrepreneurs to work in China. Chinese companies, universities and research institutes apply on behalf of their prospective foreign employees.

See our translation of the announcement of the formation of the Ministry's Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Expert Group and lists all members of the group. CSET has annotated this translation with additional information about each group member, gleaned from publicly available information.

See our translation of a document issued by China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (SASTIND) that identifies several emerging technologies of interest to the Chinese military.

Translation of the full text of a Chinese government notice giving Chinese companies guidelines on how to build “open innovation platforms” for developing AI technology.