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During this live event, CSET Research Fellow Zachary Arnold discussed the findings and recommendations of CSET's recently published report "Tracking AI Investment." Zach described the landscape of commercial AI investment and how it informs economic and security policy.

Privately Held AI Companies by Sector

Santiago Mutis
| October 2020

Understanding AI activity in the private sector is crucial both to grasping its economic and security implications and developing appropriate policy frameworks. This data brief shows particularly robust AI activity in software publishing and manufacturing, along with a high concentration of companies in California, Massachusetts and New York.

Bolstering U.S. Research Security

Melissa Flagg Zachary Arnold
| September 2020

Establishing a new public-private institution to improve American research security

New Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Kratsios spoke with CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny and delivered formal remarks in his first public appearance in the role. The pre-recorded discussion and remarks addressed the challenges and opportunities inherent in defense innovation.

Plus RAND report on DOD, OECD report on semiconductor industry and the AI Index

See our translation of the PRC government’s five-year (2016-2020) industrial development strategy for emerging technology.

See our translation of Qianzhan Industry Research Institute’s business analysis of China’s AI industry. The document analyzes the current supply chain, market development and investments in China’s AI industry. It also assesses the outlook and trends for the future of the industry.