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Research from a CSET survey reveals that AI professionals are more willing to work with the U.S. military than originally perceived.

CSET survey research shows that employees in the AI sector either support working on Department of Defense projects or are neutral. FedScoop highlighted this research in the article below.

Is there a rift between the U.S. tech sector and the Department of Defense? To better understand this relationship, CSET surveyed U.S. AI industry professionals about their views toward working on DOD-funded AI projects. The authors find that these professionals hold a broad range of opinions about working with DOD. Among the key findings: Most AI professionals are positive or neutral about working on DOD-funded AI projects, and willingness to work with DOD increases for projects with humanitarian applications.

How crowd forecasting can predict the future

Axios Future
| October 17, 2020

Axios Future previewed CSET's Issue Brief, "Future Indices," on using historical data and the wisdom of the crowd to predict future trends.