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Using research by CSET and the National Security Commission on AI, United States Senators Gary Peters and John Thune introduced the AI Scholarship-for-Service Act to help strengthen the U.S. AI workforce by providing scholarships for students interested in AI.

Congress preps for long campaign against Chinese chips

National Journal
| March 11, 2021

Research Analyst Will Hunt discusses the flurry of activity in Congress and elsewhere to address lagging U.S. semiconductor manufacturing capacity.

U.S. research security requires trust and collaboration between those conducting R&D and the federal government. Most R&D takes place in the private sector, outside of government authority and control, and researchers are wary of federal government or law enforcement involvement in their work. Despite these challenges, as adversaries work to extract science, technology, data and know-how from the United States, the U.S. government is pursuing an ambitious research security initiative. In order to secure the 78 percent of U.S. R&D funded outside the government, authors Melissa Flagg and Zachary Arnold propose a new, public-private research security clearinghouse, with leadership from academia, business, philanthropy, and government and a presence in the most active R&D hubs across the United States.

Plus: Chinese executives launch tech fund, Trump considers blacklisting SMIC, and House approves AI Center of Excellence

CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny testified before the House Budget Committee for its hearing, "Machines, Artificial Intelligence, & the Workforce: Recovering and Readying Our Economy for the Future." Dr. Matheny's full testimony as prepared for delivery can be found below.

Plus, New Zealand’s Algorithm Charter, the House Intel Authorization Act and ODNI’s AI principles.

Plus, Deepfakes in Federal Elections Prohibition Act introduced, PAI launches publication norms project, the IC develops ethical principles for AI

Plus, Facebook introduces PyTorch3D, AAAI conference held, and JEDI contract blocked