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CSET hosted a discussion with Dr. Amesh Adalja, Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, on the importance of understanding the breadth and depth of global biological activity in preparing for future pandemics.

BGI Shakes Up Sequencing

The Wire China

CSET's Anna Puglisi expresses her concerns over Chinese genome sequencing company BGI Group entering the U.S. sequencing market.

Stephanie Batalis is a Research Fellow focused on biotechnology.

Vikram Venkatram is a Research Analyst focused on emerging issues in biotechnology.

China’s Industrial Clusters

Anna Puglisi Daniel Chou
| June 2022

China is banking on applying AI to biotechnology research in order to transform itself into a “biotech superpower.” In pursuit of that goal, it has emphasized bringing together different aspects of the development cycle to foster multidisciplinary research. This data brief examines the emerging trend of co-location of AI and biotechnology researchers and explores the potential impact it will have on this growing field.

CSET Research Fellow Caroline Schuerger testified before the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense hearing on "The Biological Threat Expanse" Current and Future Challenges to National Biodefense." She discussed threats to the bioeconomy and steps the U.S. and its allies can take to harness biotechnology's capabilities and raise awareness of risky research.

CSET's Anna Puglisi discusses the future of biotechnology in Titus Talks.

Exploring bioinformatics through the Map of Science

Sara Abdulla
| November 17, 2021

Data Snapshots are informative descriptions and quick analyses that dig into CSET’s unique data resources. Our first series of Snapshots introduced CSET’s Map of Science and explored the underlying data and analytic utility of this new tool, which enables users to interact with the Map directly.