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In an article published by WIRED that delves into recent developments in the international regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) for military use, CSET's Lauren Kahn provided her expert analysis.

Can Chatbots Help You Build a Bioweapon?

Foreign Policy
| November 5, 2023

In an op-ed published in Foreign Policy, CSET’s Steph Batalis discusses the potential misuse of artificial intelligence chatbots in providing instructions for the construction of biological weapons.

In a recent Nature article, CSET's Helen Toner lends her expertise to the discussion on groundbreaking developments in governmental oversight of artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In an article published by GovCIO that delves into the recent artificial intelligence (AI) executive order issued by the White House, CSET's Heather Frase provided her expert analysis.

In their op-ed featured in TIME, CSET's Emelia Probasco and Dewey Murdick provide their expert analysis on the increasing reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors, such as restaurants and news publishing, and emphasizes the need for regulations that extend beyond major companies and government users.

In an article published by TIME that discusses President Biden's recent Executive Order on artificial intelligence (AI) and the uncertainties surrounding its practical implementation, CSET's Helen Toner shared her expert analysis.

In a KCBS Radio segment discussing President Joe Biden's sweeping executive order regulating and guiding the development of artificial intelligence, CSET's Lauren Kahn provides her expert insights.

In an article published by the Miami Herald discussing the White House's unveiling of a comprehensive executive order aimed at minimizing the risks and maximizing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), CSET's Helen Toner shared her expertise.

Playbook: Johnson makes money moves

| October 30, 2023

CSET's Dewey Murdick chimes in on the forthcoming executive order that aims to minimize the risks of artificial intelligence (AI) while simultaneously maximizing its potential.

In a New York Times article that delves into President Biden's upcoming executive order outlining the first federal regulations on artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems, CSET's Lauren Kahn provided her expert insights.