Tanium quoted CSET's Krystal Jackson in an article about OpenAI's ChatGPT, an AI chatbot designed to create human-like written content.

Russian hackers are using ChatGPT to write malicious pieces of code

Interesting Engineering
| January 16, 2023

An article on Interesting Engineering referenced a report by CSET's Josh Goldstein, Micah Musser, and CSET alumna Katerina Sedova in partnership with OpenAI and Stanford Internet Observatory. The report examines the potential misuse of language models in influence operations in the future and offers a framework for evaluating potential countermeasures.

In a report for the Observer Research Foundation, Research Analyst Husan Chahal writes about the ethics of artificial intelligence and how the multitude of efforts across such a diverse group of stakeholders reflects the need for guidance in AI development.

Truth, Lies, and Automation

Ben Buchanan Andrew Lohn Micah Musser Katerina Sedova
| May 2021

Growing popular and industry interest in high-performing natural language generation models has led to concerns that such models could be used to generate automated disinformation at scale. This report examines the capabilities of GPT-3--a cutting-edge AI system that writes text--to analyze its potential misuse for disinformation. A model like GPT-3 may be able to help disinformation actors substantially reduce the work necessary to write disinformation while expanding its reach and potentially also its effectiveness.