In their op-ed featured in MIT Technology Review, Josh A. Goldstein and Renée DiResta provide their expert analysis on OpenAI's first report on the misuse of its generative AI.

In February 2024, CSET introduced its new cybersecurity jobs dataset, a novel resource comprising ~1.4 million LinkedIn profiles of current U.S. cybersecurity workers. This data snapshot uses the dataset to identify top-producing institutions of cybersecurity talent.

In an article published by NPR which the discusses the surge in AI-generated spam on Facebook and other social media platforms, CSET's Josh A. Goldstein provided his expert insights.

Putting Teeth into AI Risk Management

Matthew Schoemaker
| May 2024

President Biden's October 2023 executive order prioritizes the governance of artificial intelligence in the federal government, prompting the urgent creation of AI risk management standards and procurement guidelines. Soon after the order's signing, the Office of Management and Budget issued guidance for federal departments and agencies, including minimum risk standards for AI in federal contracts. Similar to cybersecurity, procurement rules will be used to enforce AI development best practices for federal suppliers. This report offers recommendations for implementing AI risk management procurement rules.

The NAIRR Pilot: Estimating Compute

Kyle Miller Rebecca Gelles
| May 8, 2024

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot provides federal infrastructure, including computational resources, to U.S. AI researchers. This blog post estimates the compute provided through the pilot, and finds that it is roughly 3.77 exaFLOPS, the equivalent of approximately 5,000 H100 GPUs (using the tensor cores optimal for AI). The pilot is a significant first step in providing compute to under-resourced organizations, although it is a fraction of what is available to industry.

How Will AI Change Cyber Operations?

War on the Rocks
| April 30, 2024

In her op-ed featured in War on the Rocks, CSET's Jenny Jun discussed the nuanced relationship between AI and cyber operations, highlighting both the optimism and caution within the U.S. government regarding AI's impact on cyber defense and offense.

On April 29, CSET hosted DHS Assistant Secretary Iranga Kahangama and AI Policy Specialist Noah Ringler for a discussion on the Department's AI efforts.

Riding the AI Wave: What’s Happening in K-12 Education?

Ali Crawford Cherry Wu
| April 2, 2024

Over the past year, artificial intelligence has quickly become a focal point in K-12 education. This blog post describes new and existing K-12 AI education efforts so that U.S. policymakers and other decision-makers may better understand what’s happening in practice.

How might AI impact the democratic process and how should policymakers respond? What steps can the media, AI providers, and social media companies take to help people find reliable information and recognize when content is AI-generated? On April 10, CSET Research Fellow Josh Goldstein and a panel of outside experts discussed these and other challenges.

Why AI conspiracy videos are spamming social media

Financial Times
| March 21, 2024

In an article published by the Financial Time exploring the rapid rise of AI-generated conspiracy theories and spam content on social media platforms, CSET's Josh A. Goldstein provided his expert insights.