Applications and implications

CSET Deputy Director of Analysis Margarita Konaev expects to see AI software applied in warfare in the new year.

In an opinion piece for Lawfare, CSET Policy Communications Specialist Owen Daniels examined the prospects for AI applications initiating a new “revolution in military affairs.”

CSET Senior Fellow Emelia Probasco shared her thoughts on the National Defense Authorization Act developments and the DOD's push to implement AI technology.

A CSET report found that that at least 1,681 state and local governments across 49 states purchased technologies from the banned companies between 2015 and 2021.

CSET's "Banned in D.C." found that few U.S. states have followed the U.S. government’s lead on trying to prohibit the procurement of foreign information and telecommunications technologies.

In a report for the Observer Research Foundation, Research Analyst Husan Chahal writes about the ethics of artificial intelligence and how the multitude of efforts across such a diverse group of stakeholders reflects the need for guidance in AI development.

A Plea: The Case for Digital Environmentalism

Andrew Burt Daniel E. Geer, Jr.
| November 2022

Digital technology, the defining innovation of the last half century, has deep and unaddressed insecurities at its core. This paper, authored by two prominent technologists and strategic thinkers, argues that a new form of “digital environmentalism”—marked by a re-evaluation of our relationship to technology, growth, and innovation—is the only way to fix such insecurities, and to bring meaningful change to the digital world.

CSET report "Banned in D.C." found that despite federal efforts to block Chinese telecom equipment from U.S. supply chains, state and local governments across the country continued to buy products designated a threat to national security.

In an interview with Nextgov, Research Analyst Jack Corrigan discussed his latest report and U.S. approached to foreign technology threats.

Big Tech Goes to War

Foreign Affairs
| October 19, 2022

In her coauthored opinion piece for Foreign Affairs, Senior Fellow Emelia Probasco discusses the role of U.S. technology in conflict, particularly in the war in Ukraine.