Applications and implications

Former National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Chief Technology Officer Anthony Vinci will discuss how AI and autonomous systems are poised to change the practice of intelligence.

The Path of Least Resistance

Margarita Konaev Husanjot Chahal
| April 2021

As multinational collaboration on emerging technologies takes center stage, U.S. allies and partners must overcome the technological, bureaucratic, and political barriers to working together. This report assesses the challenges to multinational collaboration and explains how joint projects centered on artificial intelligence applications for military logistics and sustainment offer a viable path forward.

CSET and the Syracuse University Institute for Security Policy and Law hosted an October 2020 symposium to discuss AI policy issues facing lawyers, policymakers and technologists. This blog provides a summary of the discussion. A full report is attached.

Summarizing CSET on Security Without Collateral Damage

China Tech Threat
| April 5, 2021

CSET's Saif M. Khan spoke with China Tech Threat to explain the importance of supply chain export controls to recognize and reduce national security risks.

CSET submitted this comment to the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security on how to address concerns about the security of semiconductor supply chains in regions where natural disasters, geopolitical events or other factors might cause serious disruptions.

The Public AI Research Portfolio of China’s Security Forces

Dewey Murdick Daniel Chou Ryan Fedasiuk Emily Weinstein
| March 2021

New analytic tools are used in this data brief to explore the public artificial intelligence (AI) research portfolio of China’s security forces. The methods contextualize Chinese-language scholarly papers that claim a direct working affiliation with components of the Ministry of Public Security, People's Armed Police Force, and People’s Liberation Army. The authors review potential uses of computer vision, robotics, natural language processing and general AI research.

CSET Data Research Assistant Simon Rodriguez joins this episode of The Data Exchange to discuss how research in machine learning and AI affects public consciousness.

CSET partnered with the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence to discuss the findings and recommendations of the commissions final report, released in early March.

CSET Research Fellow Margarita Konaev discusses the challenges of building trust within human-machine relationships in military systems.

CSET experts Zachary Arnold and Emily Weinstein testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission to discuss Chinese capital markets and offer recommendations to protect U.S. investment.