Applications and implications

The U.S. AI Workforce

Diana Gehlhaus Santiago Mutis
| January 2021

As the United States seeks to maintain a competitive edge in artificial intelligence, the strength of its AI workforce will be of paramount importance. In order to understand the current state of the domestic AI workforce, Diana Gehlhaus and Santiago Mutis define the AI workforce and offer a preliminary assessment of its size, composition, and key characteristics. Among their findings: The domestic supply of AI talent consisted of an estimated 14 million workers (or about 9% of total U.S. employment) as of 2018.

The strategic and security implications of AI

Towards Data Science
| January 7, 2021

CSET Director of Strategy Helen Toner sits down with Towards Data Science podcast to discuss the vulnerabilities and security implications of artificial intelligence.

Research from a CSET report reveals that more than a dozen U.S. tech firms have collaborative programs with China contributing to China's expanding defense efforts.

In the syndicated public radio program "Here & Now," CSET's Director of CyberAI, Ben Buchanan, explains what happened in the SolarWinds cyber attack.

CSET research analyst Will Hunt hopes for the incoming Biden administration to use a targeted approach to China over semiconductors.

A CSET study cited in this article showed that 68 percent of the United States’ top 50 artificial intelligence companies were co-founded by immigrants, most of whom came the U.S. as students. The Biden administration's recommitment to R&D could shape U.S. immigration policy.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein assesses Taiwan's use of technology to monitor COVID-19 amongst its citizens with respect to privacy.

Research from a CSET survey reveals that AI professionals are more willing to work with the U.S. military than originally perceived.

The U.S.-China split in space

| November 17, 2020

Axios' article on the divided U.S.-China space collaboration highlighted reports by CSET's Matthew Daniels and Lorand Laskai for a project of the Johns Hopkins' Applied Research Laboratory.

CSET survey research shows that employees in the AI sector either support working on Department of Defense projects or are neutral. FedScoop highlighted this research in the article below.