In a segment in the Lawfare Daily Podcast, Sam Bresnick provides his expert analysis on the state of Chinese military AI according to PRC defense experts.

How AI is changing warfare

The Economist
| June 20, 2024

In an article published by The Economist that discusses the adoption of advanced technology and artificial intelligence in militaries, CSET Research Fellow, Sam Bresnick, provided his expert insights.

While the effects of the U.S. Department of Defense’s broad investments in research and development go far beyond what is publicly disclosed, authors affiliated with the DOD do publish papers about their research. This analysis examines more than 100,000 papers by DOD-affiliated authors since 2000 and offers insight into the patterns of research publication and collaboration by the DOD.

China’s Military AI Roadblocks

Sam Bresnick
| June 2024

China’s leadership believes that artificial intelligence will play a central role in future wars. However, the author's comprehensive review of dozens of Chinese-language journal articles about AI and warfare reveals that Chinese defense experts claim that Beijing is facing several technological challenges that may hinder its ability to capitalize on the advantages provided by military AI. This report outlines these perceived barriers and identifies several technologies that Chinese experts believe may help the country develop and deploy military AI-enabled systems.

U.S. Big Tech in China: Too Big to Bail

The Wire China
| May 6, 2024

In their op-ed featured in The Wire China, CSET's Ngor Luong, Sam Bresnick, and Kathleen Curlee provide their expert analysis on the changing landscape for U.S. big tech companies in China.

In their op-ed featured in Breaking Defense, CSET's Sam Bresnick and Emelia Probasco provide their expert analysis on the involvement of US tech giants in conflicts, such as the Ukraine war, and raise important questions about their role and potential entanglements in future conflicts, particularly those involving Taiwan.

In an article published by the Associated Press exploring the rivalry between the U.S. and China in military planning, particularly focusing on a new form of warfare utilizing swarms of air and sea drones equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), CSET's Margarita Konaev offers her expert insight.

In his article in LUFTLED, the Norwegian Air Power Journal, Owen J. Daniels offers expert analysis on AI's military impact.

In their op-ed featured in Lawfare, CSET’s Matthew Burtell and Helen Toner shared their expert analysis on the significant implications of government procurement and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, emphasizing the need for high ethical and safety standards.

CSET's Sam Bresnick discussed Chinese military capabilities with the South China Morning Post.