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Melissa Deng

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Melissa Deng is a Student Research Assistant at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), where she works on the CyberAI Project. In this role, she assists senior scholars with research at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity. Melissa has also been an editorial assistant at CSET, serving in a key capacity that ensures smooth final preparation of written publications. She has been responsible for composing summaries of published reports disseminated to policy audiences. Melissa is the co-author of the March 2023 issue brief “Examining Singapore’s AI Progress.” She holds a B.S. from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and is an incoming J.D. candidate at the UCLA School of Law.

Despite being a small city-state, Singapore’s star continues to rise as an artificial intelligence hub presenting significant opportunities for international collaboration. Initiatives such as fast-tracking patent approval, incentivizing private investment, and addressing talent shortfalls are making the country a rapidly growing global AI hub. Such initiatives offer potential models for those seeking to leverage the technology and opportunities for collaboration in AI education and talent exchanges, research and development, and governance. The United States and Singapore share similar goals regarding the development and use of trusted and responsible AI and should continue to foster greater collaboration among public and private sector entities.