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In the AI era, adaptable policy is a necessity

The Hill
| August 18, 2023

In their op-ed featured in The Hill, CSET's Dewey Murdick and Jack Corrigan provide expert analysis on the rapid emergence of generative artificial intelligence tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard. The piece delves into the growing concerns among leaders in government, industry, and academia regarding the control of the development and utilization of this emerging technology and provide solutions to address it.



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Immigration reform seen as key to U.S. AI leadership

| September 15, 2023

In a Marketplace radio segment, CSET's Zach Arnold shared his insights on the creation of an AI Visa specifically designed for AI talent.

The Washington Post cited a CSET report that delves into the issue of talent retention in artificial intelligence and its effects on the United States' competitiveness. The report was referenced in an article discussing how countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are successfully attracting highly skilled immigrants, including international students educated in the United States.

A report by CSET's Will Hunt was referenced in an article published by Tech Report. The article delves into Nvidia's recent announcement regarding the reintroduction of their GPUs into chip factories and their role in accelerating the computational lithography process.

A 2020 CSET report was cited in an article published by Axios. The article discusses a letter signed by more than five dozen experts, including former national security officials, urging the House China Select Committee to address immigration obstacles for international science and engineering graduate students and workers.

MeriTalk published an article featuring CSET's Diana Gehlhaus. Gehlhaus points out that artificial intelligence has a broad range of applications within various government missions.

The National Interest published an article that cited The Wall Street Journal featuring CSET's William Hannas. The article talks about the significant role that open-source intelligence (OSINT) plays in present-day intelligence gathering, which has become a crucial aspect of national security and diplomacy.

Seeking Alpha cited CSET's Will Hunt's policy brief in an article that talks about the CHIPS Act, a plan that intends to revive the US semiconductor industry but with associated risks in its implementation

America’s lead in advanced computing is almost gone

Georgetown Public Policy Review
| February 28, 2023

The Georgetown Public Policy Review recently published a paper that cited a report by CSET's Jack Corrigan, Emily S. Weinstein, Dahlia Peterson, and Ryan Fedasiuk, and CSET alumni Remco Zwetsloot and Diana Gehlhaus. The report examines data on STEM PhD graduation rates and predicts their growth in the next five years, during which China is expected to increase its lead over the United States.

Chips Act Will Test Whether U.S. Can Reverse Semiconductor Exodus

The Wall Street Journal
| February 22, 2023

The Wall Street Journal referred to a policy brief by CSET's Will Hunt, which analyzes how incentives from the CHIPS Act should be allocated among various types of chips. The article talks about the $53 billion CHIPS Act program, which aims to revive the domestic semiconductor industry by offering subsidies for manufacturing incentives and research and development.

Forbes referred to a report authored by CSET alumni Diana Gehlhaus and Santiago Mutis. The report delves into the domestic AI workforce, providing an initial evaluation of its makeup, size, and essential features.