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Open-Source Intelligence for S&T Analysis

Tarun Chhabra William Hannas Dewey Murdick Anna Puglisi
| September 2020

Establishing a new open-source National Science and Technology Analysis Center

Anna Puglisi is a Senior Fellow. Previously she served as the National Counterintelligence Officer for East Asia.

Emily Weinstein is a Research Analyst working on Chinese innovation and domestic S&T policies and development.

How do we measure leadership in artificial intelligence, and where does the United States rank? This policy brief examines potential AI strengths of the United States and China and prescribes recommendations to ensure the United States remains ahead.

Dewey Murdick is the Director of Data Science. Prior to joining CSET, he was the Director of Science Analytics at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Dr. Melissa Flagg is a Senior Fellow. Previously, she served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research.

Chinese Public AI R&D Spending: Provisional Findings

Ashwin Acharya Zachary Arnold
| December 2019

China aims to become “the world’s primary AI innovation center” by 2030. Toward that end, the Chinese government is spending heavily on AI research and development (R&D)—but perhaps not as heavily as some have thought. This memo provides a provisional, open-source estimate of China’s spending.

See our translation of one of the most detailed local government plans for “military-civil fusion.” It provides insight into local efforts to steer the development of emerging technologies in directions that fulfill PLA requirements.

“AI and other emerging technologies will deliver profound benefits to society, but they will also introduce new risks,” said CSET’s founding director, Jason Matheny. “Technologists don’t always consider the details of policy, and policymakers don’t always consider the details of technology.”