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According to a CSET report, European countries are lagging behind in global robotics patent trends.

CSET's report "Trends in Robotics Patents," shows that 35 percent of robotics patents are from China.

A new CSET report reveals China to be the global leader in robotics patents.

Trends in Robotics Patents

Margarita Konaev Sara Abdulla
| November 2021

Advances in robotics technology are having a transformative effect on how people work, travel, communicate, and fight wars. This data brief provides an overview of global trends in robotics patents between 2005 and 2019, focusing in particular on the state of robotics patenting in Russia, as well as developments in military robotics patents both in Russia and across the globe.

China’s Robotics Patent Landscape

Sara Abdulla
| August 2021

Since 2011, China has dramatically grown its robotics sector as part of its mission to achieve technological leadership. The Chinese government has encouraged this growth through incentives and, in some cases, subsidies. Patents in robotics have surged, particularly at Chinese universities; by contrast, private companies comprise the bulk of robotics patent filers around the world. China has also seen a corresponding growth in robotics purchasing and active robotics stock. This data brief explores the trends in robotics patent families published from China as a measure of robotics advancement and finds that China is on track to emerge as a world leader in robotics.