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CSET researchers argue that it will be hard for governments to harness the needed computational power to deploy an algorithm like GPT-3 against automated disinformation campaigns.

Findings from CSET's report "AI and the Future of Disinformation Campaigns, Part 1: The RICHDATA Framework" offers insight into the use of AI and machine learning to amplify disinformation campaigns.

AI and the Future of Disinformation Campaigns

Katerina Sedova Christine McNeill Aurora Johnson Aditi Joshi Ido Wulkan
| December 2021

Artificial intelligence offers enormous promise to advance progress, and powerful capabilities to disrupt it. This policy brief is the first installment of a series that examines how advances in AI could be exploited to enhance operations that automate disinformation. Introducing the RICHDATA framework—a disinformation kill chain—this report describes the stages and techniques used by human operators to build disinformation campaigns.

CSET research staff discussed the potential for OpenAI's GPT-3 and other content generation systems to be used as tools for turbocharging disinformation.