by Melissa Flagg

Prevailing frameworks ignore the uniqueness of America’s R&D ecosystem and the tremendous expansion of global R&D beyond China. Dr. Melissa Flagg writes that the United States must recognize the power of R&D as a cornerstone of the modern global landscape. The next century will require fundamentally rethinking our concept of alliances and marshal the full might of democratic systems… Read More 

by Allie Vreeman

This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for an abundance of significant research on artificial intelligence and national security. Whether you’re staying put by the fireplace or traveling across the country, the CSET team has you covered with six recommended reads for the long weekend … Read More 

by Margarita Konaev

October 10th, 2019, Russia released its national artificial intelligence strategy. After defining key terms and tracing the historical evolution and current developments in the field of artificial intelligence, the strategy highlights basic principles to guide Russia’s … Read More