See our translation of guidelines issued by the PRC Ministry of Science and Technology in August 2019, describes a process by which Chinese cities can apply to establish "national new generation AI innovation and development pilot zones."

See our translation of the Ministry of Science and Technology describes a plan to entice foreign scientists, professors and entrepreneurs to work in China. Chinese companies, universities and research institutes apply on behalf of their prospective foreign employees.

See our translation of the Ministry of Science and Technology announcement of the establishment of four new AI Pilot Zones in cities across China, which encourage the expansion of China’s AI industry in cities where it is already developing. The ministry created the first seven such zones in 2019 and plans to build 20 by 2023.

See our translation of the announcement of the formation of the Ministry's Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Expert Group and lists all members of the group. CSET has annotated this translation with additional information about each group member, gleaned from publicly available information.

See our translation of three different Chinese government programs designed to recruit foreign talent in 2020 in support of China’s economic development, particularly in tech fields.

How do we measure leadership in artificial intelligence, and where does the United States rank? This policy brief examines potential AI strengths of the United States and China and prescribes recommendations to ensure the United States remains ahead.

See our translation of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference proposed legal guidelines related to AI security. The document puts forward legal means to ameliorate a wide variety of potential dangers posed by the rise of AI technology.

See our translation of China’s plan for science and technology innovation during the years of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). The plan puts forward plan details specific technologies identified as near-term priorities for research and investment.

See our translation of a CPC Central Committee and PRC State Council strategy identifying industries that China feels would most benefit from increased indigenous innovation. The document also identifies foreign talent and technology transfer as crucial for China’s emerging technology sectors.

See our translation of the PRC government’s five-year (2016-2020) industrial development strategy for emerging technology.