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June 2024

PARAT (Private-sector AI-Related Activity Tracker) is ETO's hub for data about private-sector companies and their AI activities. PARAT's easy-to-use interface brings together data on companies' AI research publications, patents, and hiring, enabling customizable, data-driven comparison and trend analysis. Use PARAT to explore how hundreds of leading companies around the world are engaged in AI, from Big Tech titans and leading generative AI startups to the entire S&P 500.

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Data Visualization

ETO Scout

September 2023

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Data Visualization

ETO Research Almanac

May 2023

ETO’s Research Almanac provides high-level data on key trends in emerging technology research, including overall research output, growth, and trends among countries, research institutions, and companies active in R&D. This initial version of the Almanac… Read More

Data Visualization

ETO Supply Chain Explorer

October 2022

ETO's Supply Chain Explorer is designed to quickly orient non-experts to the essential inputs, players, and relationships involved in producing advanced computer chips. Use the Explorer to learn how these chips are made, who makes… Read More