Ashwin Acharya


Ashwin Acharya served as a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET). Before joining CSET, he researched AI arms-race scenarios and the strategic implications of AI, work he will continue as an incoming Research Scholar at the University of Oxford. Previously, he conducted risk-benefit analyses as a trader at Alameda Research. He holds a B.A. in physics from the University of Chicago.

"AI is very different from other security-relevant technologies, in that the private sector is in the driver's seat." Zach Arnold and Ashwin Acharya joined the ChinaTalk podcast to discuss their work at CSET on AI investment.

This product is a Chinese translation of the CSET issue brief, "Chinese Public AI R&D Spending: Provisional Findings" by Ashwin Acharya and Zachary Arnold.

China aims to become “the world’s primary AI innovation center” by 2030. Toward that end, the Chinese government is spending heavily on AI research and development (R&D)—but perhaps not as heavily as some have thought. This memo provides a provisional, open-source estimate of China’s spending.