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National Security Podcast: Battlefield Singularity, AI pixie dust, and the future of war

Asia & the Pacific Policy Society

June 20, 2019

“There is a level of hype and exuberance in conversations about artificial intelligence, particularly in China and the United States today, that may be exaggerated relative to the actual capabilities and limitations of AI today,” said CSET’s Elsa Kania.

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China’s recent military parade “illustrates the PLA’s embrace of unmanned operations as critical elements of future combat across all domains of warfare,” said CSET Nonresident Research Fellow Elsa Kania.

CSET’s Helen Toner, Lorand Laskai and Jeff Ding contributed to a special report by DigiChina, a joint Stanford University and New America project.

Nonresident Research Fellows Elsa Kania, Jeff Ding, and Benjamin Chang contributed chapters to Air University’s recent publication.