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Key to AI development is investing in the right things, former IARPA director says


June 27, 2019

“Our ability to attract and retain the world’s best and brightest computer scientists and electrical engineers is something we have greatly benefited from,” said Jason Matheny, Director of CSET, as well as “our ability to maintain friendships with other countries.”

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Jason Matheny, Founding Director at CSET, is mentioned as the leader of one of four working groups established by the AI Commission, focused on “international competitiveness and cooperation in AI.”

Less than one percent of AI research and development funding is going towards security, said Jason Matheny, Founding Director of CSET. He argues that more money needs to go into AI systems to protect them from three major types of attacks: adversarial examples, trojans and model inversion.

A prolonged talent shortage could undermine U.S. strength in artificial intelligence, which is increasingly important to national security, and current immigration policies would only make it worse, according to a new CSET report.