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Can ‘radioactive data’ save the internet from AI’s influence?


January 12, 2023

A report by CSET's Josh Goldstein, Micah Musser, and CSET alumna Katerina Sedova in collaboration with OpenAI and Stanford Internet Observatory offers a comprehensive analysis of how AI-generated text can spread influence operations and offers some thoughtful ideas on what governments, AI developers, and tech platforms might do about it.

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Machine learning advances have powered the development of new and more powerful generative language models. These systems are increasingly able to write text at near human levels. In a new report, authors at CSET, OpenAI, and the Stanford Internet Observatory explore how language models could be misused for influence operations in the future, and provide a framework for assessing potential mitigation strategies.

Josh A. Goldstein

September 2022

Josh A. Goldstein is a Research Fellow on the CyberAI Project.

Micah Musser

April 2020

Micah Musser is a Research Analyst working on the CyberAI Project.