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Helen Toner Portrait

Helen Toner

Director of Strategy

Helen Toner is Director of Strategy at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET). She previously worked as a Senior Research Analyst at the Open Philanthropy Project, where she advised policymakers and grantmakers on AI policy and strategy. Between working at Open Philanthropy and joining CSET, Helen lived in Beijing for nine months, studying the Chinese AI ecosystem as a Research Affiliate of Oxford University’s Center for the Governance of AI. Helen was a lead co-author on the seminal report The Malicious Use of AI, and has also been published in Foreign Affairs and the People’s Daily. Helen holds a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma in Languages from the University of Melbourne.

Our Team

Jason Matheny Portrait

Jason Matheny

Founding Director
Zach Arnold Portrait

Zach Arnold

Research Fellow
Tessa Baker Portrait

Tessa Baker

Director of Operations
Jamie Baker Potrait

Jamie Baker

Distinguished Fellow
Ben Buchanan Portrait

Ben Buchanan

Faculty Fellow
Daniel Chou Portrait

Daniel Chou

Data Scientist
Tantum Collins Portrait

Tantum Collins

Research Fellow
Jeff Ding Portrait

Jeff Ding

Research Fellow
Carrick Flynn Portrait

Carrick Flynn

Research Fellow
William Hannas Portrait

William Hannas

Lead Analyst
Roxanne Heston Portrait

Roxanne Heston

Research Analyst
Elsa Kania Portrait

Elsa Kania

Research Fellow
Dewey Murdick Portrait

Dewey Murdick

Director of Data Science
Michael Sulmeyer Portrait

Michael Sulmeyer

Senior Fellow
Helen Toner Portrait

Helen Toner

Director of Strategy
Remco Zwetsloot Portrait

Remco Zwetsloot

Research Fellow